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Terrorist Groups Pull Forces Back From Strategic Region in Southwestern Damascus

11 October 2016 16:42



Syrian Army troops and popular forces captured a key region in Western Ghouta after hours of non-stop battle with the terrorists on Tuesday.

“Syrian government forces inflicted heavy casualties on the militants and beat them back from al-Wadi region,” military sources said, adding, “The militant groups left tens of dead or wounded members and equipment behind and retreated from the battlefield.”

Media sources said Monday that the Syrian Army soldiers took full control over several key roads in Western Ghouta and laid full siege on four militant-held towns in the region.

“The Syrian Army pushed back militants from the Western side of Damesh, a road connecting Maraneh to Deir al-Khabiyeh, a road connecting al-Moqibliyeh, al-Zakiyeh and Khan al-Sheih camp, surrounding the militant groups with a circle of government forces,” the sources said.

“Syrian military helicopters, for their part, have been targeting terrorist groups’ gatherings and centers in Deir al-Khabiyeh,” they added.

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