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Yemen’s Long-Range Ballistic Missile Hits Saudi Arabia’s Airbase in Ta’if City

11 October 2016 8:30



The Yemeni army and popular forces pounded a Saudi airbase in the Southern part of the kingdom with a ballistic missile on Monday, inflicting heavy losses on Riyadh government troops.

Saudi Arabia’s King Fahad Airbase in the city of Ta’if in Southern Saudi Arabia was hit by Yemen’s Borkan-1 (Volcano-1) ballistic missile.

There is still no report on the number of casualties, but Yemen’s missile attacks usually inflict large casualties on the Saudis.

The Yemeni attacks came in response to Saudi Arabia’s continued air raids on the civilian population across the impoverished nation.

Borkan-1 has a range of 800 kilometers and is a new generation of Yemen’s domestically-made missiles.

The warhead of Borkan-1 missile has been designed to destroy the Saudi military base structure with respect to the materials used in their construction.

In early September, the Yemeni army and popular forces pounded an industrial zone in the Southern part of Saudi Arabia with as a scud missile.

The Saudi industrial area comprising a power plant and a desalination plant in al-Shaqiq region of Jizan province came under Yemen’s Scud missile attack.

The Yemeni ballistic missile precisely hit its target in Jizan Industrial zone, the army reported.

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