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Latest battlefield map of northern Hama

14 October 2016 7:38



The Syrian Arab Army’s “Tiger Forces,” backed by a number of pro-government units, seized the strategic town of Ma’an today after launching a powerful assault in the northern Hama countryside this week.

Today’s assault in northern Hama began began this morning with nonstop airstrikes conducted by the Russian and Syrian air force; this aerial assault would pave the way for the Syrian Army’s ground assault later in the day.

With Jund Al-Aqsa’s (Syrian Al-Qaeda franchise) first-line of defense fractured, the Syrian Armed Forces plowed through their fortifications and entered Ma’an after a brief battle.

Following their entrance in Ma’an, the Syrian Armed Forces managed to overrun Jund Al-Aqsa’s defenses, leaving them in complete disarray before they would completely withdraw from the town.

As a result of today’s advance in northern Hama, the Syrian Armed Forces will now turn their attention to another key town: Souran.

Souran was captured by Jund Al-Aqsa and their allies during the first week of the jihadist offensive in northern Hama.

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