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‘US playing dirty game in Iraq over Turkey’s presence’

14 October 2016 22:44



The United States is playing a “dirty game” over Turkey’s unauthorized military presence in northern Iraq that has caused escalating tensions between the two neighbors, says a political commentator.

“The Iraqi people are united against the Turkish presence in northern Iraq and the Americans are playing a dirty game in all of this. The Turkish government will not dare to maintain its forces in Iraq without the go-ahead from the United States,” Sabah Jawad told Press TV on Friday.

The commentator also noted the US plans to allow the Daesh Takfiri terrorists to escape from the northern Iraqi city of Mosul and go to Syria with the protection of the American air force.

“This is the truly sinister plan of the United States in Iraq together with the Saudi regime,” he added.

The US and Saudi Arabia have reportedly agreed to grant Daesh terrorists free passage from Iraq’s Mosul ahead of a major operation aimed at retaking the city from its Takfiri occupiers.

The commentator went on to say the Americans play the “Daesh card” whenever they want further destruction in Syria, Iraq and other countries in the Middle East.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Jawad stated Ankara has a “long-held ambition” to make Iraqi territories part of Turkey.

However, he said, the Iraqi people and the Popular Mobilization Units are watchful and ready to expel the invaders whether it is Turkey, the United States or Saudi Arabia.

Ankara sent the troops northeast of Mosul last year in a move condemned by Iraq as a “blatant violation” of its sovereignty.

Baghdad has, time and again, called on Ankara to pull out the forces, while specifically warning against the Turkish troops’ involvement in the upcoming battle for the liberation of the Iraqi city.

The Iraqi army and pro-government forces have been preparing for months for the final assault to recapture the city.

The liberation of Mosul would be a severe blow to Daesh, which has named the city as its so-called headquarters since capturing it in 2014.

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