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Ayatollah Bushehri slams Saudi crimes in Yemen

16 October 2016 8:04



Addressing worshippers in his Friday prayer sermon, the senior religious cleric, Ayatollah Hosseini Bushehri slammed Saudi officials for recent bloody carnage in the Yemeni capital, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

The religious cleric urged Muslims to take Ashura lessons as a guide in the face of extremist and despots stressing, ” Muharram is the month of enjoining the good and forbidding the wrong”.

Ayatollah Hosseini Bushehrie condemned the silence of certain Muslim states, and international human rights organizations on the killing of over 10,000 civilians, including children and women, in the Saudi war against Yemen.

“It is incumbent upon all Muslims to abide by the task of enjoining the good and forbidding,” underscored the grand Ayatollah stressing even politicians must give their consummate attention to this important issue.

More than 140 people were killed and over 525 wounded on October 8, when Saudi airstrikes hit a community hall in the south of the capital, where a funeral for the father of Interior Minister Jalal al-Roweishan was being held.

To religious clerics, the arrogant world has been supporting the Al Saud regime since the launch of Riyadh’s aggression against Yemen, and over the past 18 months, their drones have been helping Saudi Arabia round-the-clock.

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