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Bomb blast, shooting kill 53 in Baghdad

16 October 2016 7:50



Over 50 people have been killed in the Iraqi capital Baghdad in a bomb blast among Shia mourners at a religious gathering and a shooting attack in two areas north of the city.

The bomb went off inside a tent filled with people taking part in Ashura processions, mourning the martyrdom anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s grandson, Imam Hussein (PBUH), in the 7th century.

The tent was set up in a crowded market in the city’s northern al-Sha’ab district.

The Takfiri Daesh terrorists claimed responsibility for the attack.

Terrorists also attacked the two areas north of Baghdad, killing a further 12 people, according to police.

The country has been the scene of a campaign of terror by Daesh.

Last week, at least nine people lost their lives after a bomber set off his explosives in the east of the Iraqi capital.

Daesh unleashed its campaign of death and destruction against the country in 2014, seizing the northern city of Mosul and declaring it as its so-called headquarters.

A large and multi-faceted operation is due to liberate the city.

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