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Cleric raps Arab states silence on Saudi invasion of Yemen

16 October 2016 8:09



Grand Ayatollah Gholamali Safaee Bushehri, in his weekly sermon in Bushehr, slammed intrigues by the arrogant powers and creation of terrorist groups in the Middle East region, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He said,” Countries like the US and Britain brought catastrophe to Iraq and Syria as a result of creating and supporting terrorist groups in these countries though Iraqi and Syrian nations prevented advancement of the terrorist groups by the wise management of the governments.”

Representative of the Supreme Leader in Bushehr added,” Today the identity of the arrogant powers is known to all nations and Muslims are unanimously rejecting these movements as well as supports for terrorists.”

He referred to the disappointment of the people from the UN and noted,” This is a fruitless and ineffective organization which should bring reforms in its performance” adding ,“The UN should change its present nature which is an organization for oppressing the nations and justifying crimes committed against some countries.”

Friday prayer leader of Bushehr called the UN as a criminal and bribed organization and said,” When the UN justifies the criminals by bribery, how can it protect the rights and interests of the people?”

Iranian cleric highlighted hope and Islamic unity as solutions against criminals.

He slammed the crimes committed by the US and Saudi Arabia in Yemen and said,” human rights bodies and the majority of Islamic countries did not seriously denounce UN inaction when many Arab governments have taken silence either.”

Grand Ayatollah Safaee Bushehri also rapped Saudi Arabia for serving interests of western, particularly British, intelligence services and noted,” Since this government is run by Al Saud, the Arab kingdom has been in pursuit of religious dispersion and undermining Islamic movements, oppressing the Muslim community through its petrodollars and also support of the world arrogant powers.”

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