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‘Iraqis must obliterate Daesh in Mosul’

19 October 2016 14:40



The Iraqi army, together with volunteer Shia, Sunni and Kurdish fighters, has launched an operation to recapture Mosul, a major city which fell to Daesh in 2014.  Many believe that the liberation of Mosul would signal the defeat of the terror outfit in Iraq. Press TV has spoken to former NSA contractor Steven Kelley to get his take on the situation.

Iraqi forces, Kelley said, should make sure that the Daesh terrorists are obliterated and can never use the city of Mosul as a territory to establish a base. “I think that the fighters of Iraq should be commended for the excellent work they have done especially with their campaign to liberate Mosul,” he mentioned.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari has underlined the importance of the ongoing battle to retake the strategic northern city, saying that the country is in fact defending the entire world against the terrorists.

Kelley acknowledged Jaafari’s remarks as “fair” and “accurate,” explaining that there are terrorists from all over the world fighting in Mosul now.

The former NSA contractor also expressed concern over United Sates’ involvement in the liberation of Mosul, arguing that the Americans seem to be seeking to allow the retreat of Daesh terrorists from the city to regroup in Syria.

Referring to Turkey’s military presence in Iraq, he said that will only complicate the situation, and added that Ankara needs to stay out of Baghdad’s affairs.

Iraqi government forces have already managed to recapture all other areas seized by Daesh, with the last major one being the city of Fallujah, which was liberated in late June.

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