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Syrian Army Liberates over 120km of Northern Hama Territories

20 October 2016 17:19



The Syrian army and its allies seized back over 20 villages and heights in the Northern parts of Hama, freeing nearly 121km of land from terrorists’ control.

“The Syrian troops along with their allied forces have won back the towns, villages and heights of al-Sha’ta, Western al-Janinah, al-Talisiyeh, Tal Abyadh, al-Qaherah, Ra’s al-Ain, Tal Aswad, Khafsin, Karah, al-Kabarieh, Tal Ahmar, Ma’an, Tal Bazam and Ma’ardes,” an army officer said Thursday.

The source added that during the operations which were also supported by the Syrian and Russian warplanes, a large number of terrorists’ arms caches and vehicles were destroyed and tens of militants were killed.

A Syrian commander said that the army’s future operations will focus on liberating Souran and Taybat al-Imam towns.

The Syrian Army soldiers continued to beat back the terrorist groups from their positions in Northern Hama on Wednesday, capturing a main base in the Northern side of the newly-liberated town of Ma’ardes.

Syrian military forces, in a fresh round of operations to liberate the towns of Souran and Taybat al-Imam, pushed the terrorists back from a key base along Ma’ardes road to Kawkab.

A large number of Jeish al-Ezza and Abna al-Sham’s militants were killed or wounded in the attacks.

Military analysts believe that recapture of this base will pave the way for the easier liberation of Taybat al-Imam and Souran.

Syrian soldiers have now been deployed to the surroundings of Souran to carry out the next phase of the operation there.

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