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Long Convoy of Terrorists’ Vehicles in Idlib Destroyed in Syrian Air Raids

21 October 2016 17:25


Syrian fighter jets bombed a long military column of the terrorists in Southern Idlib, destroying most of the convoy’s vehicles.

A long convoy of the terrorist group’s vehicles, carrying arms and ammunition, was bombed by the Syrian warplanes near Kafr Nubul and Khan Sheikhoun.

Most of the vehicles were damaged and a number of the convoy’s guards were killed or wounded in the air raids.

Meantime on Thursday, the Syrian army units launched heavy strikes on Fatah al-Sham (formerly known as al-Nusra) Front positions in al-Tamane’ah village in the Southern parts of Idlib, destroying their command center and killing over 10 militants, including their commander.

“The attacks smashed a command center of al-Nusra Front, destroyed 3 military vehicles and killed over 10 terrorists, including their commander named Abu al-Ala,” a military source said.

In another development in the Southwestern parts of Idlib, the Syrian fighter jets pounded the hideouts and vehicles of Jeish al-Fatah terrorists in the two villages of Hallouz and Um al-Qar in Jisr al-Shuqour district, inflicting heavy toll and damage on the militants.

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