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Syria in Last 24 Hours: Terrorists Sustain Heavy Losses in Army Offensive in Damascus

23 October 2016 15:10



The Syrian army and popular forces continued their military operations against the terrorist groups in Damascus province, and inflicted heavy losses on them over the past 24 hours.

The Syrian army killed and wounded scores of the terrorists in Damascus province.

The terrorist groups also sustained heavy casualties in other key provinces across Syria.


Syrian Army soldiers continued to beat back Fatah al-Sham Front (formerly the al-Nusra Front) from their positions near Khan al-Sheih in Western Ghouta, claiming the lives of over 25 militants in the battlefield.

Syrian military forces drove Fatah al-Sham out of farms between al-Zakiyeh and Khan al-Sheih, leaving 25 terrorists dead and many more wounded.

Fatah al-Sham’s military hardware also sustained major damage in the attacks.

The Syrian army and its allies are standing for CentCom orders to launch operations to seize back the strategic city of Jobar in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus, a military source said on Saturday.

“The plan for the liberation operations in Jobar is in place and will be executed in coming days,” the source said.

Noting that Jobar is completely empty of civilian population, the source said, “Special planning is needed for attacking the region given its civil situation to lower possible casualties among the army men.”

The source also said that the army and popular forces have in recent days repelled several attacks by the terrorists against their positions near Jobar.


The Syrian army’s anti-terrorism operations in the Southern provinces of Dara’a and Sweida inflicted major losses and a heavy death toll on the terrorists of the ISIL and Fatah al-Sham Front (formerly known as the al-Nusra Front) on Saturday.

The army soldiers attacked Fatah al-Sham’s bases in Bajabjah and in the Eastern side of Ba’ar al-Shayah in Dara’a al-Balad, destroying militants’ bases and vehicles.

In the meantime, a large number of ISIL’s military and armored vehicles were destroyed in the Syrian army troops’ attacks in Talal al-Shahib region in Northern Sweida.


The ISIL also suffered a heavy death toll in a set of army raids in Sweida province.

Syrian warplanes targeted four main positions of the terrorists in Northeastern Lattakia, while an arms depot of the terrorists in Southern Idlib was destroyed in Syrian air raids.

Syrian army aircraft pounded terrorists’ concentration centers in Tardin and Zahar Ketab Sandou, leaving at least 12 terrorists dead.

Several machinegun-equipped vehicles of the terrorist groups were destroyed after their gatherings near al-Kanda and Ketab Rajoub came under heavy air assault by the Syrian fighter jets.

Syrian fighter jets also hit Jeish al-Fatah’s strongholds in Jisr al-Shughour heavily, killing a number of them and destroying their ammunition and arms depots.

Also, a number of armored vehicles of the terrorist groups were destroyed in the Syrian air raid on their positions in Tardin, Kafr Sandou, al-Kinda, Ktaf Rajjoub and Hallouz on Friday.

The vehicles’ crew also were killed or wounded in the attack.


The US is using the terrorist groups as an instrument to implement its plots in the region and would, thus, never accept the ceasefire in Aleppo, senior Syrian legislator said.

“The US rejection of the ceasefire in Aleppo means that Washington opposes a political settlement of the crisis in Syria, while Moscow has left all doors open to political solutions,” Eshwaq Abbas said on Saturday.

He said that Aleppo will be emptied of terrorists if the ceasefire plan is put into effect by the terrorists and “Washington will lose its instruments in Aleppo after truce”.

Abbas also said that the ceasefire sends this message to the international community that Syria is committed to the political settlement of the crisis and purging its territories of terrorists. “Once the truce ends and the terrorists continue to oppose evacuating Aleppo, the Syrian government’s use of force and military operations against anyone who is armed in the city will be fully justified and legal.”

His remarks came as Nouralddeen al-Zinki terrorist group that is backed by the US and Turkey refused to join the ceasefire agreement with the Syrian government in Aleppo, calling on other militant groups to narrow down differences to slow down the Syrian army’s devastating victories.

Top Commander of Nouralddeen al-Zinki Tofiq Shahabalddeen said in his tweeter page that anti-government militants are to launch an imminent operation against the Syrian army soldiers and popular forces in Aleppo and called on the other terrorist groups to end their difference and join the operation.

In the meantime, Yaser al-Yusuf, a member of Nouralddeen al-Zinki’s political bureau said, “We will never join the Russian-set peace agreement in Aleppo.”

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