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“Al Saud allied with Zionist in killing nations”

24 October 2016 18:41



Hujjat-ul-Islam Seyyed Abol Hassan Miremadi, seminary professor at the Iranian northern city of Mazandaran, referred to the constant crimes committed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen and called Al Saud as a criminal and inhuman family, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He noted that Al Saud has violated all international laws in Yemen, Syria and Iraq adding,” Anti-human crimes by Al Saud is known to all nations across the globe” referring to suffrage of all liberal nations from these criminal acts against Yemeni civilians.

The cleric called Saudi Arabia as an agent carrying out US, Zionist plots in the Middle East region and noted,” Corrupt regime of Al Saud has committed the biggest crimes with the support of the US.”

Hujjat-ul-Islam Mir Emadi criticized international bodies for inaction against apparent crimes committed by Al Saud in Yemen and added,” Where are claimants of human rights, the United Nations (UN) and Security Council (UNSC) who have turned a blind eye on all these crimes?”

The cleric expressed regret that some Arab and Islamic rulers have joined inhuman and anti-Islamic crimes by Al Saud for a few dollars denouncing the Arab kingdom for the infamy of Arab on Arab fight.

Iranian scholar rapped Al Saud as the main supporter of terrorist groups like Daesh and Al Nusra front in the region and said,” Terrorist groups in the region were born due to financial supports by Saudi Arabia and have destructed regional countries.”

Professor of Mazandaran seminary noted that Saudi Arabia will not make the least move without the permission from the US and added,” If we are witness to military presence of Saudi Arabia in Yemen and its bombardment of the civilians, it is due to US tendency for the issue.”

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