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Syrian Army Soldiers Score More Victories against Terrorists in Southwestern Damascus

26 October 2016 16:30



Syrian military forces continued to beat the terrorist groups back from more lands in Khan al-Sheih region in Western Ghouta, capturing several farms after brief clashes.

Syrian army troops struck terrorists’ defense lines in the farms between the Northwestern side of the town of Khan al-Sheih and the Southwestern side of the town of al-Zakiyeh, inflicting heavy casualties on the militants and capturing several farms.

The terrorist groups’ military equipment sustained major damage in the attack.

In relevant developments in the province on Sunday, Fatah al-Sham (formerly known as the al-Nusra) Front suffered a heavy death toll in a heavy army raid and ordered withdrawal from key farms near Khan al-Sheih in Western Ghouta.

Syrian Army soldiers struck heavily the positions of Fatah al-Sham and captured al-Bawayeh farms, inflicting a heavy death toll on the militants.

The Syrian army men backed up by the Syrian fighter jets’ air support further made a headway in the Southwestern flank of Khan al-Sheih and prevailed over the terrorists in the region after hours of non-stop battle.

After seizing control over al-Bawayeh farms and the areas Southwest of Khan al-Sheih, the army deployed fresh forces to the opposite side of the city to make a headway from the Southeast.

Meantime, Retired Army General Heisam Hassoun said the Syrian army is nearing the end of its large-scale military operations in Western Ghouta and the war on terrorism in the Western parts of Damascus province will end soon as tens of towns and cities have been purged of terrorists.

“The final phase of the military operations in the Western countryside of Damascus, specifically in Western Ghouta is underway,” Gen. Hassoun told FNA on Tuesday.

He said the Syrian army has now focused on cutting off all the supply and defense lines of the terrorists, specially after it could score a major achievement in winning control over the town of Darkhabieh and establishing security there.

“The security chain will be expanded further by spreading control over the region between Darkhabieh and Darousha towns,” he added.

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