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Iran dismisses Saudi claim of Yemeni attack on holy sites as ridiculous

29 October 2016 10:40



Foreign Ministry spokeman Bahram Qasemi on Friday dismissed the Saudi and UAE claims about Yemeni missile attack on holy sites in Mecca as ridiculous.

He rebuked the United Arab Emirates and the Saudis for fabricating allegations detrimental to sentiments of the Muslims for their dirty goals.

The Saudi allegation about Yemeni missile attack against Holy Mecca is ridiculous, Qasemi added.

He said that Saudi Arabia and UAE should avoid stirring sentiments of the Muslim World with such accusations.

Riyadh and Abu Dhabi have attempted to cover up the heinous crimes against humanity they perpetrated in Yemen with fabricating such accusations which may stir up sentiments of the Muslim World, the spokesman added.

He said that Yemeni people have great respect for the holy Islamic sites and their respect for the Islamic sanctities is far more than the Wahhabi rulers with reliance on US and Zionist regime instead of Muslims.

No doubt, those giving preference to their criminal goals and violate sanctity of the holy sites and the Islamic values will become disgraceful among the Muslims, Qasemi added.

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