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Syrian Analyst: Furious Residents May Soon Revolt against Terrorists in Eastern Aleppo

29 October 2016 12:25



A prominent Syrian analyst underlined the terrorists’ weakened morale and capabilities, and said people in Eastern Aleppo are angry and about to revolt against terrorists soon.

“The Eastern Aleppo militants have grown weak and been paralyzed and their differences on withdrawing or remaining in the region will help the Syrian army and its allies to prevail over them,” Basam Abu Abdullah told FNA on Saturday.

“The Aleppo civilians’ hatred for the terrorists heralds an imminent uprising by the oppressed people of this region against the oppressors,” he added.

A source from among the ranks of pro-government troops said on Thursday that the militants stationed in Eastern and Northeastern Aleppo have been forced to withdraw and compress in the central districts amid the Syrian army and its allies’ extensive operations in the region.

“After heavy clashes with the terrorists and inflicting a heavy defeat on them in personnel and equipment, the Syrian army units could advance towards al-Heidariyeh, Bae’idin and Youth Housing Complex near Hanano in Northeastern Aleppo and force the militants to retreat towards the depth of Eastern districts,” the source said.

Noting that the army forces could take control of new regions by advancing towards Youth Housing Complex, the source said that a number of buildings in al-Heidariyeh region were also seized back by the army.

“The pro-government troops also moved from Jandoul square towards Bae’idin square and advanced well in Bae’idin district,” the source added.

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