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VIDEO: Battle Heats Up in Aleppo as Syrian Army Stops Terrorists Offensive

29 October 2016 10:50


Jaish Al Fatah assault on the 3000 Apartment Project had been thoroughly thwarted and Syrian government troops still held full control over the suburb.

Furthermore, the SAA still controls a few building blocks in the northeastern part of the 1070 Apartment Project despite Jaish al Fateh claims of the contrary.

Thus, today’s only confirmed gain by Jaish al Fatah is the capture of the Dahiyat Al Assad district which was overrun by a huge early morning attack.In total, six VBIED’s (vehicle-borne improvised explosive device) struck SAA positions in western Aleppo on Friday.

One of the explosions, conducted by a Jabhat Fateh Al Sham (formerly Jabhat Al Nusra) suicide bomber.

Meanwhile, SAA reinforcements arrived at the Dahiyat Al Assad front with preliminary reports even suggesting government forces have reentered the eastern part of the suburb.

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