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BREAKING: Iraqi Army assault troops enter eastern part of Mosul city

31 October 2016 17:11



On Monday afternoon, the Iraqi Army’s special forces overran several ISIS positions at Gogjali, an industrial zone located just 1 kilometer from the administrative border of Mosul city.

Furthermore, the Iraqi Armed Forces imposed full control over the town of Bazwaia, located 5 kilometers east of Mosul city while reinforcements kept pouring in through this axis.

Meanwhile, following the capture of 11 villages west of Mosul on Monday morning, the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) also seized the villages al-Hawish, Kharati, and Abu Shwait.

During clashes here, the PMU were able to kill a total of 37 ISIS militants and eliminate 3 suicide bombers.

The PMU – an alliance of pro-government forces – are advancing towards Tal Afar in order to cut off ISIS’ supply line from Syria to Mosul city.

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