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Sunni scholar: Takfiris, neither Shia nor Sunni

31 October 2016 7:29



Haj Shageldi Akhoond Noorani, Sunni seminary professor in Raz and Jargalan County, North Khorasan Province, noted that Daesh terrorist group which counts itself as an Islamic state has no objective but annihilating Muslims and projecting the holy religion as a faith of violence, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He counted boosting unity, confrontation with means of cultural invasion and also supporting jurisprudent as well as noticing the younger generation by Shia and Sunni scholars as ways to stand against extremist terrorist groups.

The cleric also related on the origins of the extremist groups and said,” These terrorists are neither Shia nor Sunni rather a group with no roots, religion or a particular denomination who are controlled by world arrogant powers and Zionist regime of Israel.”

He said the only objective behind killing Shia and Sunni people is to prevent promotion of Islam and undermining the solidarity of Muslims.

Akhoond Noorani warned against ISIL efforts to spark ethnic and sectarian wars in Iraq and Syria in order to harass them in a clash and noted,” It should be noted that Zionism has always been an enemy of Islam and in pursuit of damaging Muslims” adding,” On the other hand because the world of Islam is plagued by sectarian and religious disagreements sparked by Daesh and Takfiri (excommunication) groups in their countries, Zionists have found greater air to kill Muslims while these killings will be halted merely by boosting solidarity among Muslims.”

Iranian Turkman cleric added,” This is not a war merely between Iraqi or Syrian nation and ISIL, rather it is a war announced against all Muslim countries.”

“If Daesh disrespects and kills Muslims in Iraq and Syria, all Islamic countries should manifest their unity against these inhumane behaviors and cleanse the world of Islam from these criminals” noted the scholar.

Professor at Rahimi Seminary vowed that the oppressed nations will be the final victorious nation vowing that the issues in the world of Islam will end through unanimous support and unity of Muslims.

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