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MP Fadlallah: Full Cooperation between Amal, Hezbollah over Nominating New PM

2 November 2016 19:30



Member of the Loyalty to Resistance bloc, MP Hassan Fadlallah, stressed that Hezbollah and Amal movement are in full cooperation over nominating a new PM following the election of President Michel Aoun.

“Amal and Hezbollah are in full cooperation as they take part in parliamentary consultations,” Fadlallah said on his Twitter account on Wednesday.

As President Aoun was holding consultations with parliamentary blocs in efforts aimed at designating a new prime minister, MP Fadlallah said that the figure whom Loyalty to resistance bloc will nominate is going to be announced on Thursday.

A meeting between President Aoun and Loyalty to Resistance bloc was planned on Wednesday. However it was delayed till Thursday. Amal’s Development and Liberation bloc is also to hold a meeting with President Aoun at the presidential Palace in Baabda on Thursday.

Source: Al-Manar

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