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VIDEO : Yemeni Forces Shoot down Saudi Reconnaissance Aircraft

2 November 2016 19:32
The Yemeni army, backed by fighters from allied Popular Committees, reportedly shot down a Saudi unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) on an espionage mission near the country’s airspace.

The Saudi spy drone was downed by Yemeni forces over Alab border region in the kingdom’s Asir Province Tuesday night, Al Masirah reported.

In another development, Yemeni army forces destroyed the positions of Saudi mercenaries in Salo region in the Southwestern province of Taizz, killing an unspecified number of them.

Yemen’s Ansarullah fighters also took control over Seid region and Hasab village in Salo.

Elsewhere in Sanaa Province, Yemeni armed forces targeted vehicles belonging to Saudi mercenaries with missile attacks in the Nehm district.

Separately, reports said Saudi warplanes pounded the international airport in the Western province of Hodeida as well as Razeh district in the Northwestern province of Saada.

Saudi mercenaries’ sniper fire also killed two women in Sabr district of Taizz on Wednesday.

Saudi Arabia has been incessantly pounding Yemen since March 2015, with the several sources putting the toll at 11,800.

The offensive was launched to reinstate the former president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, and undermine Ansarullah.

International alarm has been growing over airstrikes that have hit civilian targets, including a recent one that hit a funeral in Sana’a and killed over 140 people last month.

Meanwhie, three Saudi forces killed in Yemen retaliatory attack on Najran

The Yemeni army and popular committees have launched a retaliatory artillery attack against a Saudi military base in the kingdom’s southwestern province of Jizan, killing at least three soldiers.

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