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Tens of Terrorists Killed in New Raid on Gov’t Positions in Western Aleppo

3 November 2016 4:45



Militants in the Northern city of Aleppo sustained over 250 casualties in yet another failed attack on Syrian army positions in the Western parts of the city.

Syrian army soldiers fended off terrorists’ large-scale offensive on their positions in the Family House district, killing and wounding at least 250 terrorists.

Reports said that a large number of the slain terrorists in the Family House district were those militants, who once left Darayya and al-Mo’adhamiyeh and were dispatched to Idlib after the accepting peace plan with the Syrian Army.

Sources said earlier today that days of attacks by around 16,000 militants under the Great Epic Operation to prevail over the government forces’ positions and lift the siege of militants in Eastern districts of Aleppo ended in nothing but the most devastating failure for the terrorists since escalation of the crisis in Syria.

“The Great Epic Operation was the largest offensive of terrorists on government troops’ position since the start of the crisis in Syria,” the sources said.

Jeish al-Islam terrorists launched a fresh round of attacks on government positions in Western part of Aleppo city on Tuesday afternoon.

The Syrian army repelled the terrorists’ attacks in Jam’iyat al-Zahra and Assad Military-Engineering Academy, inflicting tens of casualties on them.

The terrorists used bomb-laden suicide vehicles in their attacks but army soldiers targeted most of them before they could approach their positions.

The Syrian army also fended off militants’ offensive in Menyan region.

The army troops clashed with militants in Zahiyeh al-Assad district and its nearby areas and are now pushing back the terrorists from the district.

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