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Syrian Army Hits Terrorists’ Gatherings Hard across Southern City of Dara’a

4 November 2016 14:37


Syrian Army troops targeted terrorist groups’ concentration centers in at least three neighborhoods of Dara’a, inflicting major losses on their sites and equipment.

Syrian army soldiers engaged in heavy fighting with terrorists in Katakit building, Northeastern side of old Customs department in Dara’a and Jalin town in its countryside, destroying militants’ sites, hideouts and military vehicles.

The terrorists suffered several casualties in the fighting.

Earlier this week, Syrian Army troops repelled a joint attack of the terrorist groups on their positions in Northern Dara’a, killing over 90 militants and wounding many more.

“A coalition of terrorist groups of al-Muhajirin and al-Ansaar, Jabhat al-Nusra, Faloujet Houran, Jeish al-Yarmouk, Bait al-Maqdes, Liwa al-Karama, Mujahidi Houran, al-Liwa al-Rade’a, Ahrar Nawa, al-Mu’taz Bellah and Jund al-Malahem struck the Syrian army’s strongholds in Northern Dara’a,” the source said.

“The army troops inflicted major casualties on the militants, destroying four explosive-laden suicide vehicles and 16 surveillance drones,” the source added.

“After being defeat, the terrorist groups transferred their injured members to Israeli medical centers,” he said.

The source further added that the terrorist groups used Israeli intelligence in their attack.

In the meantime, the Syrian army stormed terrorist centers in Saida and Ghariyeh in Eastern Dara’a, destroying their rocket and mortar launchers.

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