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Kurdish-Led SDF: No Turkish Partnership in Imminent Offensive on ISIL Capital in Syria

5 November 2016 11:51



The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces announced that they have a plan to carry out a major assault on Raqqa to take back the city from the ISIL without any assistance from Turkey.

SDF’s Spokesman Talal Sallo asserted that his forces do not plan on coordinating with the Turkish Army to liberate the city of Raqqa.

“The issue of Turkey’s partnership came under discussion with the (US-led) coalition and resolved definitively. There will be no Turkish participation in the Raqqa operation,” he said.

“We are ready. We have the sufficient number of fighters for this campaign and we will start it soon,” Sallo added.

Late in October, Salou blasted the US-led coalition for shrugging off supply of necessary arms and equipment to the Kurdish forces to help them take back the Syrian province of Raqqa from the ISIL.

“The SDF’s main goal is liberating Raqqa from the ISIL, which needs arms, logistic support and military supply from the international coalition to suppress the ISIL and free Raqqa,” Salou told FNA at the time.

“The SDF forces have asked the international coalition for help but received no response yet and the SDF cannot step onto major battle like Raqqa with its meager military possibilities,” he added.

Elsewhere, Salou said that the SDF did not coordinate its operations in any region with Turkey.

His remarks came after a senior Syrian military expert had warned that Washington was trying to save the Takfiri terrorists in Raqqa province by delaying the Kurdish forces’ military operations against the terrorist groups there.

“The main reason for the US’ insistence on finding a political solution to the Syrian crisis is to shun coordination with Russia to combat the terrorist groups,” Syrian Army’s Retired Colonel Elias Ebrahim told FNA.

He reiterated that the US deceived Syrian Kurdish fighters by rendering ineffective assistance to them. “This has taken place with the aim of delaying the Kurdish fighters’ attacks on Raqqa while the Kurdish fighters are behind the Raqqa gates.”

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