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President Assad: Political Solution to Syria Conflict Unrealistic in Light of Foreign Interference

6 November 2016 21:47


Political solution to the Syrian conflict is unrealistic at the moment as the foreign countries that control militant groups are interfering in the conflict and are not making any proposals regarding peaceful resolution of the situation, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad said.

“If you ask me what the topics would be for a political solution, I don’t know. No one has proposed anything … To talk about a political solution while the other side is controlled by masters in Saudi, Turkey, UK, USA and France is not realistic. The core of the problem is those countries are interfering. If they stop, then the terrorists will be weak and leave or be defeated, and then we can sit as Syrians and talk about solutions,” Assad told The Sunday Times in an interview issued on Sunday.

He noted that many people who used to oppose his government were changing their position as they were tired of war.

“Many of those who used to oppose the Ba’ath Party, this government and this system are now supporting the government, not because they like the government, but they support peace because they are tired and have lost hope. Under the control of militants they have no judges, no local administration, no one collects garbage, no one takes care of you medically.”

He added that the Syrian authorities were still sending medicines for children in the territories controlled by the ISIL terror group to show people that the government was still caring about them.

“Of course we make the decisions. Russian military has been in Syria for six decades. Their policy rests on two things — morals and international law. Even if they have a point of view, they say: ‘This is your country, you know more.’ They never try to interfere because they don’t want anything from us. They don’t ask us to be a puppet president,” Assad said.

The Syrian president noted that Russian involvement in the Syrian conflict was explained by the Russian wish to prevent terrorists’ victory in the Arab republic. “They know if Syria loses the war against terrorism, this terrorism will prevail in Europe, and that affects Russia and everyone in the world,” he added.

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