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Syrian Sources Deny Terrorists’ Claims about Blocking Key Supply Road to Aleppo

6 November 2016 8:26


Field sources in Syria refuted the terrorists’ claims about their advances in Northeastern Hama and cutting off one of the army’s main supply roads to Aleppo.

“The terrorist groups’ claim about winning control over a road connecting the town of Ithriya in Northeastern Hama to the town of Khanasser in Southeastern Aleppo is a shire lie. The road is under the full control of the Syrian Army,” the sources said.

“The heavy defeats sustained by the terrorist groups in the two phases of the Great Epic Operation in Aleppo have made them resort to such techniques to boost their members’ morale,” they added.

A senior member of the Syrian Parliament said earlier today that Jeish Al-Fatah’s Great Epic operation on Western and Southwestern Aleppo last week failed due to the Syrian army’s equipment with modern arms and creative ambush tactics.

“Syrian Army troops and the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters used new ambush methods and tactics to trap the terrorist groups as well as state-of-the-art weapons to repel the large-scale operation of the terrorist groups codenamed the Great Epic Operation against government positions in Western and Southwestern parts of Aleppo city, specially in Zahiyeh al-Assad,” Jamal Raabe’eh stressed.

“The new tactics of the Syrian army and Hezbollah fighters could smash the terrorists’ frontline and reinvigorated the defense capability of Syrian army and its popular allies,” he further added.

Raabe’eh underscored that victory in the Aleppo battle was not just a military gain for Damascus and its allies, but a complete political success for Russia to determine the fate of Aleppo battle outside the framework of the equations presented by the West.

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