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Syrian Army Drives Terrorists out of Key Hill near Aleppo City

7 November 2016 16:56



Syrian Army troops and popular forces engaged in fierce clashes with the fighters of Jeish al-Fatah terrorist coalition on Western side of the Military Academy Buildings and captured a strategic hill, blocking a supply line of the terrorists to Housing Project 1070.

Pro-government forces pushed terrorists back from Tal (Hill) al-Rakham in Southwestern Aleppo city, inflicting several casualties on the militants.

“With the capture of Tal al-Rakham, one of the supply lines of the terrorists to their comrades in Housing Project 1070 was cut off,” a field source said.

A Syrian army brigadier general said earlier today that Jeish al-Fatah’s second wave of assaults is aimed at penetrating into residential areas in the Western districts of Aleppo city in order to evade devastating airstrikes by the Syrian warplanes.

“In the second wave of their so-called Great Epic Operation, the terrorist groups tried hard to turn the Aleppo war into street clashes to force the Syrian warplanes to stop air raids on militant centers for the fear of civilians’ casualties,” the field commander said.

“The terrorists sought to prevail over government positions in the district of New Aleppo, if so, the air force should leave the battle and the clashes would spread across streets and residential buildings,” he added.

“The terrorists had chosen the Western parts of Aleppo to attack due to its proximity to large residential complexes full of people. Deployment in such areas was a guarantee for the militants to be immune from the Syrian and Russian air attacks,” he went on to say.

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