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Syrian Army Waiting for Order from Central Command to Start Massive Assault in Western Aleppo

7 November 2016 16:59



The Syrian army forces are waiting for their commanders to issue an order to start massive operations in the Western districts of Aleppo.

Al-Watan newspaper quoted a field source as saying that the army and its allies have prepared themselves for the military operations to put an end to any potential militant assault in future in the Western districts of Aleppo.

The source added that the Syrian army has foiled the terrorists’ attempts to enter the 3,000-Unit Housing Complex and Housing Project 1070, Zahiyeh al-Assad, Jam’iyat al-Zahra and Benjamin regions.

According to the source, the Syrian troops’ missile and artillery attacks in the past two days have continuously targeted the terrorists’ positions and the air force has concurrently attacked the Takfiris’ hideouts in the Western and Southwestern parts of Aleppo as well as their supply routes linking Aleppo to Idlib and Hama.

Experts believe that the Syrian army which has been equipped with massive arms and weapons systems in the past few days is fully prepared to launch military operations against Jeish al-Fatah terrorists and their regional allies, specially the Turks, saying that they are likely to start the operations in the next 48 hours.

The Syrian Air Force heavily bombed the positions and gatherings of the terrorist groups in the Western and Southwestern parts of Aleppo city on Sunday, killing tens of militants.

Tens of terrorists were killed and many more were wounded in the air assault their positions, bases and roads in the villages of al-Jeniyeh, al-Mansoureh, Zorat Abd Rabbeh, Khan al-Asal and Awrom al-Cobra and the districts of al-Rashedeen 4 and 5.

Terrorists’ bases and military vehicles sustained major damage in the air raid.

The Syrian fighter jets also pounded terrorists’ centers near the Housing Project 1070, preventing terrorists from advancing towards 3,000-Units Housing Complex.

Syrian warplanes also targeted terrorists’ positions in Atarib, Aram, Kafr Naha and Abin, claiming the lives of several militants.

The air raids also targeted terrorists’ convoy of reinforcement troops on the way to the New Aleppo district and the Assad Military-Engineering Academy.

Terrorist groups-affiliated media acknowledged on Saturday that hundreds of militants were killed or wounded in failed attacks on the positions of the government troops in Western and Southwestern Aleppo.

“A large number of militants have been killed, including senior commanders. In the meantime, hundreds more have been wounded in the second wave of the Great Epic Operation to lift the army’s siege of the militant-held Eastern districts of Aleppo city,” the sources said.

Also, Abdullah Muhammad al-Muhaysini, a senior al Qaeda-linked cleric and the religious leader of Jeish al-Fatah terrorist group, said in a voice massage on his tweeter page that at least four Saudi militants, including commander Khatab al-Tabouki al-Atwi, were killed in clashes with Syrian army in the Western parts of Aleppo.

Sources close to the terrorist groups admitted on Wednesday that between 2,200 up to 2,500 militants have been killed or wounded in their large-scale offensive on government forces’ positions in the Western and Southwestern parts of Aleppo city in the last few days.

The Arabic service of RT quoted the sources as saying that the terrorist groups suffered between 2, 200 up to 2,500 casualties, including a large number of non-Syrian militants, in their Great Epic Operation on Army positions in Western and Southwestern Aleppo in the last 6 days.

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