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Syrian Army, Hezbollah capture more territory in southwest Aleppo as jihadist defenses crumble

8 November 2016 16:52



The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and their allies are rolling in the southwestern corridor of Aleppo, capturing large chunks of territory from the exhausted jihadist rebels.

Led by the elite Tiger Forces, the Syrian Arab Army and their allies continued where they left off earlier, advancing northwest from the 1070 Al-Hamdaniyah Housing Project towards the large hilltop of Tal Bateekh.

Within a half hour after launching their attack on Tal Bateekh, the Tiger Forces and Hezbollah overwhelmed the remaining jihadist rebels and imposed full-control over this large hilltop.

Meanwhile, in the strategic Hikmah area, the Syrian Arab Army forced Jaysh Al-Fateh to abandon their positions at the dilapidated school and withdraw towards the Rashiddeen 5 Suburb, where they are currently regrouping in order to launch a counter-attack.

Despite Jaysh Al-Fateh’s retreat from Hikmah School, the Syrian Armed Forces have yet to reach this site because of constant shelling from the enemy.

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