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Us-israel, Turkey backed Terrorists use Chlorine gas in Aleppo offensive

8 November 2016 16:55



Islamist militants in Syria’s Aleppo have, again, attacked government forces with poisonous gas to halt the latter’s advance in the southwestern parts of the embattled city.

Al-Masdar News has learned that jihadi fighters shelled government troops with homegrown mortars filled with Chlorine gas during the battles which took place recently to control two strategic hilltops.

According to source, the gas attack, which injured scores of soldiers, has posed a real threat to the government forces, forcing them to change their tactics.


The Syrian Army, backed by allied forces, has managed to recapture Tal Rakhem and Tal Mut’ah hilltops which overlooks the 1070 Housing Project.

Jihadi groups have frequently used gas attacks against civilians in the government-controlled parts of Aleppo during the past few weeks, killing and injuring scores.

Hardline militants have launched a wide-scale offensive to lift the siege imposed by government forces on the rebel-held districts of the city.

With the offensive – so far – failed to achieve its main objective, the Syrian Army, backed from allied fighters from Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Iran’s IRGC, has regained momentum on the frontlines after assimilating the thrust of the initial attack.

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