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Iran’s National turbojet ‘on verge of industrial production’

9 November 2016 7:36



Director of Iran’s Aviation Industries Organization has said future production of national turbojet will bring a cumulative saving of $50mn.

National Gas Turbojet Seminar was opened on Tuesday in amphitheater of College of Mechanical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology where Ali Karimian addressed the ceremony; “The national turbojet project was received by the Organization in 2011 to meet the growing need of Army Air Force fighter jets to maintenance and major overhauls; in doing so, sophisticated turbojet technology seemed necessary in design of the possible product, which underwent a propellant performance test with some success,” he added.

“10 universities and 30 tech companies have contribute to the project to provide technical support and staff; we predict industrial production of the national turbojet will bring a saving amount of $ 50mn annually,” Karimian told briefly.

A second speaker, Touraj Mohammadi, University’s Research and Technology Deputy believed that new technologies constitute a priority for the academia where universities play critical role in indigenizing the technology through serious involvement; “Iran University of Science and Technology had been a pioneer in that it had hosted the national gas turbine project,” he added.

Still a third speaker, Reza Taqavi, Seminar Secretary who said that country had made great move forward in development of turbojets and ‘Owj’ national turbojet; “the combustion chamber and thermal control unit, material yield and strength, turbine and compressor have been 5 topics of the 2-day seminar,” Taqavi added.

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