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Jeish Al-Fatah Dispatches Hundreds of Fresh Terrorists to Aleppo

12 November 2016 15:03


The Jeish al-Fatah coalition of terrorist groups has sent hundreds of fresh forces to Aleppo to slow down the Syrian government forces’ devastating advances in the Western and Southwestern parts of Aleppo city, media sources said Saturday.

“After Jeish al-Fatah’s defeats in its massive offensives on Southern and Southwestern Aleppo, codenamed the Great Epic Operation, and rapid advances of the Syrian army and popular forces in the Southern and Southwestern districts of Aleppo, the terrorist coalition has dispatched hundreds of reinforcements to Aleppo,” the sources said, adding, “A number of these fresh forces have arrived in the Western battlefields of Aleppo city.”

“A large number of Jeish al-Fatah’s fighters joined their comrades in the districts of Menyan and Zahiyeh al-Assad but could not prevent government forces’ advances,” the sources added.

“In their operation to boost security in the Western part of Aleppo city, the Syrian army and the Lebanese Hezbollah captured Housing Project 1070 and al-Hikmah Schools and engaged in fierce clashes with the terrorists in the neighborhood of al-Rashedeen,” they added.

Syrian Army troops on Saturday restored security and stability to Zahiyeh al-Assad district in the Western part of Aleppo, inflicting heavy losses on Jeish al-Fatah terrorists.

The army units, in cooperation with popular forces, advanced in the Western countryside of Aleppo, and restored full security and stability in Zahiyeh al-Assad along with the Carton Factory and the office area.

Jeish al-Fatah suffered a heavy death toll and its weapons sustained major damage in the army attack.

Army soldiers and popular forces, in the mop-up operation in Zahiyeh al-Assad, captured al-So’warah station where the terrorists had erected their defense lines.

“After capturing al-So’warah station, the mop-up operation in Zahiyeh al-Assad was completed,” a military source said.

“Although, Zahiyeh al-Assad in under the full control of the Army, sporadic attacks by the terrorists are still possible,” the source added.

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