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Over 30 Military Vehicles of ISIL Destroyed in Missile Attack in Northeastern Hama

12 November 2016 11:25


Missile units of the Syrian pro-government forces targeted a long military column of ISIL terrorists in Northeastern Hama near Ithriya road to the town of Khanasser in Aleppo, destroying at least 30 military vehicles.

Hundreds of ISIL fighters, deployed on the Eastern side of a road connecting town of Ithriya in Hama to Khanasser raided army defense lines East of the village of Jubb al-Ali to cut off the supply road to Aleppo.

The army missile units targeted terrorists’ column with anti-armored missiles and destroyed at least 30 vehicles carrying militants and equipment.

The ISIL also suffered a heavy death toll and pulled the remaining pockets of its forces back from the battlefield.

The terrorists planned to block the army’s supply route to Northern Syrian, including to Aleppo, but failed.

Reports said earlier today that Syrian Army troops ambushed a military column of ISIL Terrorists in al-Salamiyah region, killing a number of militants and seizing a large volume of their ammunition.

The army soldiers ambushed ISIL terrorists’ convoy of vehicles carrying a large volume of munitions between the villages of al-Amyeh and al-Hasho in the countryside of the town of al-Salamiyah.

A number of the terrorist group’s members were killed in the ambush and around 100 RPG shells and various kinds of ammunition for guns and machineguns were also seized.

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