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Syrian Army Scores More Victories against Terrorists in Aleppo

14 November 2016 16:55



Syrian Army troops and the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters inflicted more casualties on Jeish al-Fatah terrorist coalition in Southern Aleppo, capturing more lands.

Following their advances in Southwestern Aleppo and cleansing Zahiyeh al-Assad and Menyan quarters from militants, pro-government forces expanded their rule over more lands in Southern Aleppo.

Army soldiers and popular forces, who captured the village of Khirbet al-Zawari in Southern Aleppo, engaged in more clashes with the militants and took control over lands stretching towards the strategic hills near the village.

In the meantime, a large number of terrorists were killed and tens of them fled the battlefield following an army offensive on militants’ positions near the newly-captured village of Kafr Hadad.



Sources in Northern Syria revealed on Sunday that government troops were about to start a massive operation to hit Jeish al-Fatah’s positions in the Southern, Western and Southwestern parts of Aleppo.

“As the army’s ultimatum to the terrorists deployed in the Eastern parts of Aleppo city is nearing its end, pro-government troops are readying to launch the next phase of their operation in the Western part of the city,” a field commander said.

“With the liberation of several strategic districts in the West and Southwest, the army now has the upper hand in the battlefield and intends to extend the security ring around the Western parts of the city,” he said.

“Army soldiers also took control over the villages of Kafr Hadad and Khirbet al-Zawari in Southern Aleppo. This region is the entrance to the Southern countryside of Aleppo city and the last stronghold of the terrorists before al-Zerbeh, al-Eis and Khan Touman,” he added.

“The Syrian army now has a number of choices for the rest of its anti-terrorism operation. It can further expand its rule towards Idlib province in order to lift the siege of the two towns of Fuaa and Kefraya or restore security to the old Sham road to Aleppo up to ICARDA and North of al-Zerbeh,” the commander said.

“Another choice could be launching an operation towards the town of Khan al-Asal, the village of al-Mansoureh and the neighborhood of al-Rashedeen up to al-Zahra, Kafr Hamra, Abdrabeh and Yaqat al-Adas in the Northern countryside of Aleppo.”

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