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Hamas leader calls for boosting memorization of Holy Koran

16 November 2016 20:29



Hamas leader Ismail Redwan called on Arabs and Muslims to support armed resistance and memorization of the Holy Koran in Gaza.

Speaking during a festival held by Hamas in Deir al-Balah to honor 1,500 memorizers of the Holy Koran, Redwan said: “Armed resistance is the only path to liberate the al-Aqsa Mosque and release our prisoners from Israeli jails.”

The Hamas activist hailed Gaza’s youth generation for learning Holy Quran by heart.

Thousands of Gazans attended a festival to celebrate the graduation of 1,500 memorizers.

“This is one of Palestine’s most wonderful evenings,” said Redwan before he warned of the serious upshots of an Israeli ban on Muslims call to prayer in Occupied Jerusalem.

“Israel is playing with fire and turning the conflict into a religious one,” Redwan noted. “We appeal to Arabs and Muslims across the globe to mobilize support for the Palestinians in Occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank.”

“Israel has destroyed our mosques, ruined our homes, and turned our schools in Gaza into rubble. Never ever shall such a colonizing entity destroy our faith. We will keep teaching Holy Koran until the liberation of al-Aqsa and the prisoners sees the day,” he vowed.

Hamas leader Diab Al-Jarou also expressed Palestinians’ deep pride of the increase in Koran memorizers to 200 over the past decade, up from 60 in previous decades.

He said the festival aims to spread the values of peace and love advocated by the Holy Koran.

Torn from the nourishment of home and the warmth of family in the occupied Palestinian territories, Palestinians have often resorted to the Holy Koran as a psychic outlet to mitigate the traumatic upshots of the Israeli military colonization of their land.

The Holy Koran consists of 60 sections comprising 114 Sourahs (chapters) overall.

According to Muslims’ common expectations, committing Koran to memory takes an average of three years.

Memorizers of Koran are very much revered within the Muslim community.

Preaching love, peace, justice, and tolerance, and repudiating hatred, violence, and discrimination, the Holy Koran is incontestably the only book, divine or secular, that has been memorized from beginning to end by millions of people around the world.


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