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Sunni seminaries slam Samarra terror attack

16 November 2016 20:32



Iranian Shia and Sunni seminary professors and prayer leaders in Khorasan Province have issued a statement expressing regret over martyrdom of Shia pilgrims in the recent terrorist attack in Shia pilgrims in Samarra and slamed the crimes committed by terrorist groups to spark sectarian war among Muslims, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Part of the statement reads,” To claim responsibility for the cowardly measure by Daesh terrorist group, which is approaching its final days under the pressure of the army and Iraqi popular forces, has once again unveiled the inhumane nature of the US and Zionist-backed group.”

“Enemies of Islam are struggling to project such blind attacks as sectarian war among Muslims in an attempt to divide the world of Islam” ran another part of the statement by Iranian Sunni scholars.

Shia and Sunni clerics in their statement stressed necessity of unity and vigilance of the Islamic nation saying,” Here we condemn this terror attack and announce that such inhumane incidents against civilians are distanced from Islamic teachings and Shia and Sunni followers of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) who is the messenger of peace, blessings and affections.”

Suicide attacks in a public car parking in the holy city of Samarra have led to the killing of 8 Iranian Shia pilgrims injuring many more a week before Arba’een ceremonies.

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