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Map Update: Syrian Army continues to strangle terrorist West Ghouta stronghold

20 November 2016 7:38



Units from the Syrian Arab Army elite 4th Mechanized Division were able to capture the entirety of the Qusur district in eastern Khan Al- Shih.

This swift advance comes a day after the successful capture of Sukayk Farms west of the aforementioned town. A military source informed Al-Masdar that several headquarters belonging to the Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham terror group were destroyed in the process. The operation, the source added, was heavily supported with airstrikes and artillery targeting.

Engineering units have already begun the process of defusing the IEDs and mines the insurgents have left behind while the Syrian Army fortifies its positions in the newly captured areas of the town.

With their backs against the wall and a series of uncompromising setbacks, the jihadist rebels may be more intent now on reaching a deal with the Syrian government on a possible reconciliation or relocation agreement after talks faltered a few weeks ago.

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