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Militants in Four More Towns End Fight against Syrian Gov’t

20 November 2016 7:56



The Russian Peace Coordination Center in Syria announced on Saturday that four more towns from the provinces of Hama and Lattakia gave up fight with the Syrian Army and joined the nation-wide peace plan.

The Russian center said in its latest statement that representatives of militants in three towns in Hama province and a town in Lattakia province inked the peace agreement with the Syrian government.

“The total number of cities, towns and villages that have thus far joined the reconciliation plan now stands at 951,” the statement added.

Last week, the Russian center said militants in five more towns have given up fight against the Syrian army.

“Militants in three towns in Hama province and two towns in Lattakia province have joined the nationwide reconciliation plan,” the Russian Center declared in its latest statement.

“With these five towns in Lattakia and Hama, the total number of towns, villages and regions that have joined the peace plan with Damascus came to 929,” the center added.

Based on the Russian center, peace talks are still underway in the provinces of Hama, Homs, Damascus and Aleppo to persuade more regions to join the reconciliation process.

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