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Syrian Army captures all important hill in eastern Aleppo – Map update

20 November 2016 7:29



The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is swarming all over rebel-held Aleppo today as government forces were able to advance at a brand new axis on Saturday evening.

With Islamist rebels somewhat distracted by an SAA assault on the Bustan al-Bashra district earlier today, the Tiger Forces subsequently attacked on the eastern flank and were able to seize the crucial Tall Zouhor hill and several dozen adjacent buildings.

Tall Zouhor is strategically important as it overlooks the Hanano district and much of rebel-held eastern Aleppo. Prior to its capture, the hill was bombarded heavily by Russian and Syrian jets which have dominated the skies over Aleppo in the past 48 hours.

Effectively, the hill will serve as a launching pad for government attacks on Aleppo’s beleaguered insurgents which have been fully besieged and cut off from receiving new weapons and supplies since early September this year.

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