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Syrian Army detonates tunnel bomb beneath al-Qaeda command center

20 November 2016 7:37

TOPSHOTS A Syrian army soldier secures the entrance of a tunnel reportedly dug by rebels fighters in Jobar, a mostly rebel-held area on the eastern outskirts of Damascus on June 2, 2014. Syria geared up for an election expected to keep Bashar al-Assad as president but derided as a "farce" and only staged in regime-held parts of the war-ravaged country. AFP PHOTO/JOSEPH EID

Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) Republican Guard conducted a deadly special mission against terrorists on the eastern outskirts of Damascus.

Targeting three buildings occupied by Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (al-Qaeda affiliate), the SAA spent several days infiltrating a web of tunnels in the Al-Qaboun district and subsequently demolished what was believed to be a terrorist command center through a huge IED.

The massive blast, utilizing tons of TNT explosives, literally demolished all three buildings, leaving dozens of jihadist occupants buried beneath the rubbles.

Pictures or video proof of the event are yet to surface; nevertheless, the story was confirmed to Al-Masdar News by a trusted military informant based in the Syrian capital.

Al-Qaboun has been deadlocked for over a year with both sides relying on snipers to prevent the opposing side from advancing. But the SAA is steadily seizing much of the East Ghouta countryside further east, effectively moving ever closer to securing Damascus city.

Meanwhile, another military campaign is underway in the West Ghouta where the SAA’s 42nd Brigade of the 4th Armored Division is at the gates of Khan al-Shieh.

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