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Terrorists Agree to Hand over West Ghouta Stronghold to Syrian Army

20 November 2016 23:57



The Syrian Army’s devastating attacks and advances in Western Ghouta have forced the terrorist groups in Khan al-Sheih region to ask the government forces for a revival of the negotiations after they pushed the last round of peace talks into failure.

As ceasefire talks was in final stages to give the terrorist groups an opportunity to surrender in return for amnesty or relocate to Idlib province similar to other militant groups in Damascus province, the militants, mainly from the Al-Nusra Front, launched attacks to lift the army siege of Khan al-Sheih town irrespective of the truce and pushed the talks into failure. The army soldiers in response intensified attacks on terrorists and advanced against them in and outside Khan al-Sheih town.

“The recent victories of the army men in the al-Soqour region have compelled the militants to call on the government forces to declare their consent to the entire terms of the neglected agreement for leaving the region,” several dissident sources said through their social media pages.

Unofficial reports and a few Arab media outlets, including al-Masdar, said the army has accepted to give the militants a last chance to leave Khan al-Sheih along with their families for Idlib province, while other reports also stated that the two sides have agreed to declare a 48-hour ceasefire for the militants to surrender the town to the army and move to Idlib.

On Saturday, Syrian military forces inflicted major casualties on terrorist groups in Western Ghouta and won back two key positions in the region after hours of heavy fighting.

After repelling terrorists’ large-scale attacks to lift the army siege in the town of Khan al-Sheih that pushed the peace talks into failure, the government forces intensified their attacks on militants’ defense lines in and outside the town of Khan al-Sheih and took full control of a school and the Sheik mosque.

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