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Hezbollah No Longer Guerilla Organization, an “Amy in Every Respect”: Panicked zionist’s daily Haaretz

21 November 2016 16:49



Israeli occupation army is preparing for a possible incursion by Hezbollah, with its efforts are focusing on improving its ground capabilities, Israeli daily Haaretz reported.

In an article titled “Israeli Army Digging in Against Possible Hezbollah Incursion,” the Israeli writer Amos Harel said that Israeli occupation forces have gradually changed their approach to Hezbollah in recent years.

“When the organization’s head, (Sayyed) Hassan Nasrallah, said he’d invade the Galilee in the next war, the IDF (IOF) chiefs realized he wasn’t making empty threats,” Harel wrote in his article published on Saturday.

“Hezbollah intends to make a swift incursion into Israel in the hope of taking control of a town or military base for a short time. With the experience Hezbollah has gained in the Syrian civil war, it’s now regarded by the IDF (IOF) as an army in every respect, no longer a guerrilla organization.”

The writer said that Hezbollah at this moment is not interested in a new war with the Zionist entity. However, the IOF “doesn’t think Hezbollah will suffice with a defensive stance in the next war.”

“Along with massive rocket fire onto the Israeli home front – all of which is now within Hezbollah’s rocket range – the group might launch an attack or counterattack along the border.”

Harel added that Hezbollah can deploy its Radwan special forces and focus its firepower on Israeli communities near the border, noting that alongside its short-range Katyusha rockets and mortar shells, the Lebanese resistance organization has acquired hundreds of Burkan rockets with heavy warheads (up to half a ton) that can travel several kilometers.

In this context, the Israeli writer reported that the Zionist authorities have been for two years improving the defense on the border against Hezbollah.

“The IDF (IOF) has dug obstacles while fortifying communities against fire by snipers, antitank guns, rocket launchers and mortars. And local civilian forces are being trained to defend the towns, kibbutzim and moshavim.”


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