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Syria: Gov’t Forces Launch Fresh Offensive in Northern Quneitra

23 November 2016 15:23



Syrian Army soldiers and National Defense Forces started fresh attacks on terrorists’ defense lines in Northern Quneitra, capturing over 1.5 square kilometers in the first hours of their offensive.

The pro-government forces stormed terrorists’ positions North of al-Seriyeh al-Rabe’eh region and took back at least 1.5 square kilometers of land from the militants.

The army men and popular forces carried out a surprise attack on terrorists’ centers in al-Naqar al-Gharbi region to the North of al-Seriyeh al-Rabe’eh region, inflicting a heavy death toll on the militants and capturing key lands in the battlefield.

The army men also restored security to the road connecting the two towns of al-Amal and Hadhar.

The Syrian army soldiers meantime targeted several military vehicles of the terrorists on a road to al-Kasareh near the town of Toranjeh, killing and wounding the militants on board.

With cleansing this strategic region, a new path will open for popular forces to the town of Hadhar and meantime dispatch of fresh forces and equipment to the region will be easier.

In the meantime, the government forces will be capable of pressing terrorists deployed in al-Hamriyeh height on the Southern side of the town of Hadhar.

A military source said earlier today that the Syrian Army is preparing to dispatch more Special Forces from Damascus to Quneitra province to participate in an upcoming military operation, adding that Syrian army forces are about to liberate the Damascus-Quneitra highway.

After arrival of fresh forces in the Golan Heights, the army troops will start a special operation to restore more security to the Damascus-Quneitra Highway and build a buffer-zone around the strategic town of new Quneitra in the Golan Heights, the source said.

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