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1000s of Belgians rally against looming austerity measures

25 November 2016 13:15



Thousands of people have staged a massive demonstration in Belgium to express their vehement opposition to planned austerity measures, and demand improved payment and working conditions.

On Thursday, around 20,000 workers of public health, social and cultural sectors came out to demonstrate in central Brussels to voice their resentment over plans to reduce time off for veteran workers in the future.

The protesters made their way from central Brussels to the Flemish Parliament building, before moving to the Parliament of the French Community.

The protest rally comes as the high debt-ridden government is aiming to slash costs in cultural and medical services.

Unions argue that the reduction of off-hours would lead to further pressure at working environments, and keep youngsters from reinforcing the health sector.

There are reports that trade union representatives would meet government authorities again in coming days to start negotiations on the points of contention. The two sides had met ahead of the march.

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