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Syrian Soldiers Destroy Terrorists’ Long Tunnel in Eastern Damascus

25 November 2016 14:02



Syrian military forces discovered a long tunnel of the terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta and destroyed it.

The army soldiers discovered a 250-meter-long tunnel of the terrorists in Harasta used for transferring militants, weapons and ammunition.

The army’s engineering units destroyed the tunnel and militants’ positions above it.

The army troops continued to storm Jeish al-Islam terrorists’ positions in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus and came close to Douma city on Wednesday.

The army soldiers struck more victories against terrorists of Jeish al-Islam near the strategic town of Meida’ani and came closer to the city of Douma, the main stronghold of Jeish al-Islam in region.

Backed up by the Syrian fighter jets, the army men stormed terrorists’ defense lines in Meida’ani and managed to advance against them.

Terrorist-affiliated websites also disclosed that concurrent with army advances and its capture of over seven farms near Meida’ani, the rebels of Jeish al-Islam retreated from several bases in the town.

“The army attack on terrorists in Meida’ani inflicted a heavy blow to Jeish al-Islam, because this town is one of the most important strongholds of the terrorists and is seen as their center of gravity in the region,” a Syrian military source said.

The source further added that the army soldiers are on the threshold of cutting off one of the main lines of terrorists’ movements from the town of al-Dhamir to Douma and will soon tighten siege on the terrorists.

“After the army control over Meida’ani, the government forces will arrive at al-Nashabiyeh region which is called by the terrorists as the first defense line of Douma,’ the source underlined.

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