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Over 1,000 refugees set to be kicked out Bulgaria after destruction of camp

26 November 2016 15:59



Bulgaria will expel more than 1,000 refugees who conducted a violent protest, in a refugee camp, said country’s prime minister, Boykin Borisov, on Friday.

The camp is a former army barracks near the border with Turkey.

Borisov made the announcement a day after asylum seekers set Bulgaria’s largest refugee camp in Harmanli on fire.

This then set off a violent clash with police.

The instigating reason for the violent outbreak was supposedly the sealing off of the camp after a disease outbreak.

Borisov said that they will “isolate those who do not want to obey rules.”

“I am very worried… You see there is no window left unbroken. The people who committed these acts of vandalism will be brought to justice,” added Borisov, who had canceled his visit to Hungary because of the riot.

Accoesing to the Interior Ministry, 24 police officers also sustained injuries during the clashes with a further 400 refugees arrested.

“Based on an agreement between the European Union and Afghanistan we have asked for a plane to start extraditing people there in early December. As for the rest, all who have acted brutally and violated public order will be moved to closed camps,” Borisov further told reporters.

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