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New Orleans shooting leaves 1 dead, 9 injured

27 November 2016 23:09



At least 10 people have been shot, one of them fatally, in the crowded heart of New Orleans, Louisiana, police say.

The mass shooting took place Sunday, when unknown gunmen opened fire on people during the Bayou Classic Weekend, four days of events that include a parade and a college football game.

Eight men and two women aged 20 to 37 were shot, police said. One of the men died at the hospital and the injured were in various conditions.

Police said they had arrested two men on the scene on gun-related charges. One of the arrestees was injured in the shooting. Another man was also arrested at the scene for illegal possession of a firearm.

“This was not the place or time to bring firearms to the Bayou Classic or any event,” Police Superintendent Michael Harrison said. “This is not the place where something like this should happen.”

Harrison said police could not identify the assailants and the motives behind the shooting. He called on people with possible info about the shooting to help his colleagues.

Describing the deadly incident as “tragic,” Mayor Mitch Landrieu warned against a growing trend of gun violence.

“It’s totally unacceptable … the violence just continues to spin out of control, with people brandishing weapons whenever they think they can,” Landrieu told reporters. “It’s just a tragic end to what was otherwise a beautiful weekend.”

Overall eight people were arrested in New Orleans for carrying firearms without having proper permissions on Saturday.

Today, there are some 300 million firearms in private hands in the US, Columbia University researchers have found.

Statistics by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that firearms kill more than 33,000 people in the US every year, a number that includes accidental discharges, murders and suicides.

According to the website Gun Violence Archive, nearly 13,400 people have been killed as a result of over 51,000 gun-related incidents across America this year.

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