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Terrorists’ Religious Leader Begs Erdogan Regime to Continue Military Invasion in Syria

27 November 2016 23:30



Abdullah Muhammad al-Muhaysini, a senior al Qaeda-linked cleric and the religious leader of Jeish al-Fatah coalition of terrorist groups, said Ankara is duty bound to intensify militant invasion of Syria from the standpoint of Takfiri interpretation of Islam.

The Saudi Mufti (religious leader) called on the Turkish air-defense units, deployed at Turkey’s border with Syria, to target the Syrian fighter jets.

Al-Muhaysini acknowledged the militant groups’ defeats in both phases of their Great Epic Operation in Aleppo, and demanded the Turkish army to change military equation against the Syrian army in the Northern part of the war-hit country by intensifying military interference in the country.

He further lashed out at Arab armies that are spending their funds on holding military drills and festivals and urged them to instead spend their money to back militant groups in Syria and removal of Syrian government forces’ siege on the militant-held districts in Aleppo city.

Al-Muhaysini said that 3,500 militants are now in Aleppo and urged the youth to take up arms and join them instead of escaping the city.

He went on to say that if the militant groups do not unite they will be forced to withdraw from the entire Levant.

Al-Watan said in a report that al-Muhaysini’s demands prove that every thing has ended for the militant groups in the Eastern districts of Aleppo and the Saudi Mofti and other terrorists face no fate but death to surrender.

Some representatives from the US, Saudi Arabia and Turkey along with their counterparts from Jeish al-Fatah held a meeting in Turkey earlier this week, the information center of E’elam al-Harbi quoted a source at the Joint Operation Room of Syrian Army and Popular Forces as saying.

“Representatives of Washington, Ankara and Riyadh, in a meeting held with the representative of Jeish al-Fatah to encourage the militants to keep their positions in the besieged districts of Aleppo city, called on the terrorist coalition to regroup its militants and get ready for a large-scale operation in the city,” the source said.

Jeish al-Fatah was ordered in the meeting not to leave their positions in the besieged part of Aleppo city under any condition even if their refusal to leave the city ends in the killing of civilians.

The information center further quoted the source as saying that the meeting between the representatives of Jeish al-Fatah, the US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia proved one more time that the states that claimed responsibility about saving civilians’ lives, in fact, are a part of assassination and destruction (in Aleppo) and their words are shier lies.

“The UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura must disclose the realities and should not be at the service of conspirators. The Syrian army will never accept terrorists’ hostage-taking in the Eastern districts of Aleppo and is resolved to drive the terrorists out of these district immediately,” the source added.

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