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Syrian Army to Kick Off Military Operation to Recapture Khan Touman Soon

29 November 2016 16:17



Battlefield sources disclosed that the Syrian army is preparing to start a new round of military operations to seize back a strategic bastion of the terrorists Southwest of Aleppo province.

“The Syrian army units are getting ready to retake Khan Touman region,” the Arabic-language media quoted an unnamed military source as saying on Tuesday.

Meantime, another unnamed battlefield source disclosed that the Iraqi Hezbollah and Nujaba popular forces have dispatched many more of their fighters to Aleppo province to take part in the upcoming Khan Touman liberation operation.

The sources also revealed that the Syrian army troops will most probably move towards the Shiite-populated town of Fouaa and Kafarya in Idlib province to break the prolonged siege of the two towns.

The army, the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iraqi al-Nujaba have now deployed hundreds of their fighters in the Southern part of Aleppo to start jointly a fresh round of offensives to liberate Khan Touman right once they capture al-Rashedeen 4 and 5 and Sheikh Saeed and its surrounding regions South of Aleppo city.

Syrian army units also hit hard hotbeds of the terrorist groups and their positions in al-Rashideen 4, 5 areas and in Khan Touman town in the Southern part of Aleppo province.

A large number of terrorists were killed and others were injured in the bombardments, mostly from al-Nusra Front, and a number of their vehicles were also destroyed

After the recent capture of the Air Defense Battalion and its nearby hills, Housing Project 1070 and al-Hikmah School, the Syrian army plans to open its way further into Southern Aleppo in order to win back Khan Touman.

On November 21, Syrian military forces started a fresh round of large-scale attack against the Jeish al-Fatah coalition of terrorist groups in the district of Sheikh Saeed, inflicting major losses on the militants and captured the region.

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