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Zionist Entity President Reconsiders Religious Terror Bill against Muslims

29 November 2016 20:14



The Zionist President Reuven Rivlin reconsidered the religious terror bill which would prohibit the Muslims from using the mosques loudspeakers to summon believers to prayers in the morning  by speaking out Tuesday against it.

The law would apply to mosques in east Al-Quds (Jerusalem).

An Israeli governmental committee had submitted a draft law to be later approved in the Knesset, banning the Muslims from their basic religious right of using the mosque’s loudspeakers to summon the worshippers to prayers in the early morning.

In Islam, the worshippers have to pray five times every day including the dusk prayer.

In what was considered by even the Zionist rabbis as a divine revenge on the Zionist step of banning the Muslims from this religious right, wild arsons devoured the various cities, towns and forests in the occupied Palestine, displaying the Israeli weakness in face of disasters and inflicting heavy losses upon the entity.

Source: AFP

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