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Army Takes Control of Terrorists’ Highly Equipped Hospital in Eastern Aleppo

30 November 2016 16:39



The Syrian army troops and their allies found an advanced and fully equipped hospital and a big drug store used by the terrorists groups in Eastern Aleppo after winning control of Hanano Housing Project.

According to al-Hadath news website, the army forces discovered ECHO, MRI and other medical equipment and systems as well as a large stockpile of US-manufactured medicine and advanced labs all made by the US inside the hospital.

On the top of the main door of the hospital that covers an area of 1,000sq/m is written: “A gift by Bani Saud (al-Saud)”.

Syrian Army troops and popular forces seized full control over the key district of Hanano Housing Project on Saturday while they continued to push Jeish al-Fatah terrorists back from more positions in the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city and managed to take full control of the Northern flank of the Aleppo city’s Eastern districts.

The army units have taken back 20 square kilometers of the total 45 square kilometers of Eastern Aleppo while scores of terrorists were killed and wounded in tough battle with the Syrian army soldiers.

With recapturing the Northern part of Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, Syrian army forces have turned their attention to the last half of the East Aleppo pocket.

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